Occupied Staging Consultation

Up to 1.5 hours of staging advice while walking through the home room by room with the homeowner, leaving notes with our suggestions. Topics addressed include curb appeal, cleanliness, clutter,  colors, style, furniture, maintenance, touch ups, updates, depersonalizing and neutralizing to make the home appeal to a wide range of buyers. The seller is responsible for executing the staging plan or they can book our occupied staging services and our experts will complete the plan for the homeowner.


1 to 2 stagers work on decluttering, neutralizing, depersonalizing and rearranging furniture/decor with a minimum of 2 hours per session. This may mean taking half the items off bookshelves and dresser tops and rearranging what is left. We can also switch out bedding, hang art or pack away personal belongings.  We can take unwanted items to storage, consignment or donation.  Our stagers can shop for needed furniture/decor to execute the plan, such as a coffee table, neutral bedding, matching towels in bathrooms, etc.  An estimate can be provided for renting items from our inventory.


Up to 1 hour of walking through the home discussing staging ideas with the homeowner and/or realtor. Measurements and photos are taken. Key areas for staging are discussed and creative staging ideas are suggested for challenging spaces. A staging design plan is formulated using our inventory of furniture and accessories. A staging estimate (with 2-3 package options) is emailed along with the design plan. 

Vacant Staging Furniture/Accessory Rental (PRICES VARY Based on needs)

Once a staging package is chosen after the initial consultation, our rental agreement is month-to-month based on a 2-MONTH minimum. The staging estimate received after the consultation will show the cost of furniture/accessory rental including the 1-time staging fee. On average, a vacant staging usually includes 3-6 areas (example: living/kitchen/dining/entry/master/master bath, etc.) A partial vacant staging can be done in 1 room only or just a few pieces of key furniture or accessories may be rented for various areas.