MOVING Consultation

Up to 1.5 hours to discuss your relocation needs, and the services we can provide. We view the spaces in need and form an action plan. We’ll create a timeline, schedule services, discuss your budget and decide if any supplies are needed and create that list. We’ll leave detailed notes or email any action plan items the homeowner is responsible for. Whether you just need your home decluttered and packed, your new home unpacked and set up, or if you need us to assist
with the entire relocation process, including the move, we are your 1-stop shop.

Relocation Services

We provide a variety of relocation services. Most are charged at our hourly rate, but in some instances a project quote can be provided. Please let us know if you need assistance with decluttering, organizing, staging (vacant or occupied home), packing, supplying packing supplies, transporting items to storage, donation, consignment or your new home, unpacking, organizing or styling your new home.